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What is a Workerpreneur? Why you should be one!

An all too common scenario that we see, are people buying or starting a business that they cannot actually work in. When I say work in I don’t mean doing background or administration work, yes this is important, but it is not the main income generator of the business

If you have to pay someone to generate income in your business, you are setting yourself up for a possible fall.

What happens when sales are lean and income is drying up? What fall back plan have you got to rely on when you cannot cutback on staff?

Picture this scenario:

You want to invest in a business and have always dreamed of opening a beauty salon. You are not a Beauty Therapist and do not plan on becoming a Beauty Therapist but just like the industry. You toss up buying an established business or starting your own and building a data base of clientele. You start your advertising campaigns, invest in Google Ad Words, Facebook and Instagram Marketing.

Everything is moving ahead nicely – slowly, but getting there. Then as can happen in the first few years of business you have a few lean months, holidays hit and you find you need to cut back on expenses. Staff are usually one of our biggest costs and therefore the first thing we look to cut. But if you cannot cut staff because you are not a Beauty Therapist then what??

So many self - help business books gravitate around the idea of your business running without you. But the cold hard reality is that life and the economy are unpredictable.

What better insurance can you have than the ability to actually be your business? Growth is something we all want to attain in our business, but not without the correct foundations.

I couldn’t and wouldn’t take on my business without the ability to be the income generator.

That’s why we believe in “Being a workerpreneur”

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