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"We do-it-for-you" 

Online Tax Return


You may have seen us all over your "for you" page on Tik Tok,

Instagram and Facebook.

With over 120k followers and millions of views on our socials combined, we

are known for our informative tax and small business videos


So why not work with us!

Where else can you get a Tax Return prepared by a

Qualified Accountant who knows what they are talking about for $170!!

Did you know we help clients Australia-wide?

Here at Tax Invest Accounting we have embraced technology, our tax returns come with

a free telephone appointment where we actually discuss your

situation and what you can and can't claim based on your

occupation - no copy and paste tax returns here!


We have a secure document hub that allows you to upload documents to us


and even digitally sign your tax return straight from your phone

Sounds good hey, yep we thought so too!

If you are ready to get started

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