"We do-it-for-you" 

Online Tax Return



We are well known and extremely popular for our Tax Agent Services

on the Gold Coast, and why wouldn't we be.

Where else can you get a Tax Return prepared by a

Qualified Accountant for just $120!!

Life has changed. How we used to do things has changed. Here at Tax Invest Accounting, we have not only run with these changes but we have EMBRACED them!


 Technology has allowed us to change how we live, work and communicate. 


Who has the time to come in and see us anymore, and really why would you even

want to or need to? 

Life is busy, so why not have us complete your return for you, at a time that suits you.

This could be from the comfort of your own home (maybe in your pj's even), whilst waiting in the car at school pickup, at your local cafe waiting for your coffee or maybe

even on your lunch break - we see you work-a-holics!

So, with that in mind we are proud to offer our

"We do it for you" Online Tax Return.

We now offer the same qualified and experienced service you have come

to love with a telephone appointment with our qualified accountants

 that you have come to trust, for the same price - Australia Wide!

Sounds good hey, yep we thought so too!

If you are ready to get started