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Before we begin

Just a quick note that the following steps may involve duplicate entering of your personal information. This information is required by law. 

Just so you know we handle all personal information we receive from you in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act)

Step 1 Make a Booking, if you have not made a booking, please do so now.

Clicking Step 1 will take you to our Booking screen. You will need to return to this page to complete Steps 2-3 (3 is optional)


Upon completion of all steps you will receive an acknowledgement email

which includes a PDF copy of information supplied for your records.

If you do not receive this email please call our Customer Service Team

on 07 5502 6673 or shoot us an email -

Please retain this information as part of your 2023 Tax Return Documents.

To find out how long your documents must be kept please see here

Our pricing is easy to understand (no nasty surprises here!)

and is explained in full on our booking page (Step 1)

PAYG Tax Returns from only $170

Full Individual Tax Return Price list here

We offer a Fee From Refund Service which enables you to pay $0 upfront.

To register for this service please complete Step 4. 

Please note that the Fee from Refund Service is an additional $25.

Please see our Terms and Conditions on the Fee from Refund Form

New Clients Only: As part of the ATO’s commitment to reducing Identity Theft,

we now require a 100 points ID check through a Gateway Service Provider

(Info Track Pty Ltd) for all new clients. This check is only required once, and for new clients only

 Please note there is a one off charge of $25.00 to facilitate this ID check.

For more information on the ATO requirements for Tax Agents on client verification please see here

let's go!

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