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Our Tax-Time Tool Kit is here to help you navigate your way

through the 2024 Tax Season

Tax can be tricky and stressful. It is definitely not something you can leave

to chance or in the hands of an inexperienced "consultant".

At Tax Invest Accounting we are your Tax & Accounting Specialists. 

Our Qualified Tax Accountants have extensive knowledge, training and experience to guide and support you throughout the whole process.


Did you know that in the recent 2024-2025 Federal Budget funding for the ATO was

significantly increased to boost their audit and review process, expect this to

increase in the coming years. 

In 2023 the ATO stated that they would audit 1 in 7 taxpayers every year moving forward.


You could be next!

The ATO are specifically targeting Work Related Expenses in their audits. 

It is vital that you know your rights and obligations as a tax payer when claiming deductions.


We have sourced and compiled ATO Income & Deduction Guides for you. 

These guides breakdown all Work Related Deductions that you can

claim and those that you can't .

In addition, we have also compiled 40 Industry Specific Guides that detail

even further, based on your individual occupation and industry, what you can claim.

As you can see we really have done all the hard work for you!

That's why we say - "We   make tax-time easy!"

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